Labeling cosmetic products

Making a great impression right from the start

Particularly in the case of cosmetic products like mascara, lipstick, nail polish and perfume, visual appearance creates a strong buying incentive. Appealing labeling that is perfectly tailored to the packaging plays an increasingly important role in attracting attention to the product, sparking interest, conveying an image and brand message, and in persuading the potential buyer to make a purchase. Pots, jars, tins and bottles in increasingly unusual designs, however, require labeling systems that offer top performance in terms of precision and flexibility without sacrificing speed. The labeling systems also need to be able to reliably handle the more challenging application of transparent labels, which are commonly used in the cosmetics industry.

HERMA labeling systems therefore have the capability to process a broad range of products for cosmetics manufacturers in accordance with customer requirements and can be configured quickly. Thus, for example, star wheels, guide rails and pressure rollers are available as preformed format parts that can be detached and attached in a few simple steps. This is of benefit to contract packers, which have to deal with a particularly large assortment of formats. What is more, the machine configuration can also be customized to include such enhancements as printers for various printing processes, monitoring equipment plus a camera, and ejection devices for rejecting defective products. HERMA’s modular design makes it especially easy to integrate devices and systems from different manufacturers.

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Further advantages of HERMA systems at a glance:

  • Multiple labels of various shapes and materials can be applied to the same product with defined geometrical alignment
  • Automatic synchronization of the dispensing and production speed as well as the latest drive engineering with servo motors ensures positioning accuracy with minimal tolerance
  • If required, a unique centering method enables precise label positioning as the product passes by
  • Maximum precision even when speeds are high

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