HERMA basic - Economic labeler for standard uses


For low-cost labeling solutions

The HERMA basic redefines the technical benchmark in its class. Its performance and market positioning are both excellent reasons for deciding for the market-leading HERMA technology.

Made in Germany, made by HERMA

The HERMA basic has genuine HERMA DNA. The processing quality is the accustomed, familiar high standard expected from HERMA. The HERMA basic is manufactured in the same plant in Germany that produces the globally successful HERMA 400 labeler.

Reliable, rugged and precise with standard applications

The HERMA basic works at a speed of up to 82'/min (25m/min): this can be adjusted using the keypad and display. Its integrated controller means there is no need for an additional switch cabinet. Label sizes can be adjusted from 0.48" x 0.48" (12 x 12 mm) to 6.3" x 16" (160 x 400 mm).

Versatile solution to new challenges

The HERMA basic is fitted with mounting points that are identical to those of the HERMA 400. If special applications or higher speeds are required, it is easy to switch to the more powerful applicators of the HERMA 400 family.

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Available label sizes:

0.48" x 0.48" (12 x 12 mm) to 6.3" x 16" (160 x 400 mm); single-layer and multi-layer labels with a label thickness of up to 0.06" (1.5 mm)

Max. backing tape width:

6.5" (164 mm)

Label roll diameter:

12" (300 mm) (winding: inward/outward)

Label roll core:

Core 3" (76 mm) (optional: 1.6" (40 mm), 1.8" (45 mm))

Max. speed:

Adjustable up to 82'/min (25 m/min)

Label stop accuracy:

± 0.033" (± 0.8 mm)


12" (300 mm) (suitable for integration in printers e.g. hot foil printers)




Mechanical (regulated)


Left-hand and right-hand version

Label stop sensor:

Forked light barrier for non-transparent labels; optional FS03 sensor can be used for transparent labels

Control panel:

Keypad with display; languages available: German, English, French, Spanish


Integrated in the applicator

IP protection type:

IP 40

Power connection values:

110 / 240V AC ±10%, 50 / 60 Hz; wide voltage input (automatic adjustment) available power cords: type B NEMA 5-15, 3-pin/ type E+F CEE 7/7


Mounting points identical to those of HERMA 400

Label transfer:

Adjustable: rigid dispensing plate with brush, roller or spring-mounted roller or optional pneumatic pivot beak

Fault display:

Shown in the display


CE conformity

File name
File type
File size

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