Side labeling machine HERMA 362E



The labeling machine for two-side labeling combines the stability and efficiency of the larger M series machines with the space requirements of the compact C series machines. The various optional additional modules are designed so that they can be installed quickly, which greatly reduces installation costs.

The 362E shares a number of components with the M series, including the enclosed, extremely stable and durable stainless steel base, as well as the parts responsible for aligning and stabilising the product. This makes the 362E predestined for challenging tasks and high-speed operation. Based on its design, the 362E does not need complex protective measures, which means it barely requires more space than the much sleeker, more delicate C series.

✓ Fast, durable, compact

✓ Excellent price-performance Ratio

✓ Does not require an overhanging protective cover

✓ Wrap-around labeling optional




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