HERMA 400 -
The world standard
in label applicators!




High speed wrap-around labeling machine

Ideal for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries!




Versatile front, back and wrap-around labeling machine with fast change over



HERMA USA - world leading labeling machines

US subsidiary for HERMA labeling solutions

HERMA is a world leading manufacturer of self-adhesive label application systems. HERMA designs and builds high specification, high quality labeling equipment and has a range of standard and special purpose machinery. The labelers and labeling machines are built at our headquarters in Germany and the subsidiary in the UK. HERMA US Inc. is a sales and service hub for the United States. Our worldwide customer base consists of Blue Chip companies across a broad spectrum of markets and industries, including among others Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Toiletry and Cosmetics.




Find a HERMA labeling machine for your application

Wrap-around labeling

Find your HERMA labeling solution for bottles and other cylindrical products.


Top/bottom labeling

Label boxes, cans and many other products from below and above.


Side labeling

Both single and double sided labeling are no problem with HERMA labeling machines.


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